• St. Peter Hot Lunch Program

    Hot lunch is available daily.  Students have the option for this paid program but are not required to participate.  Menus are sent out in advance.  The menu below is the most recent. Hot lunch is served by the school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. Wednesday lunches are provided by PTL or the 7th grade banquet committee.

    Questions regarding school hot lunch can be directed toward Jennie Lewinski at jlewinski@stpeterlcms.org.

    *PAYMENT OPTIONS: Hot Lunch Orders (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). All fees will be auto-paid using the account on file for tuition. Cash and checks are no longer accepted. Initial the form to approve the auto payment. Fees will be processed on the due date for the form each month. If you need to add or change an account to pay for lunch order, contact the finance office. 


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