St. Peter is planning the 2024 Mission Trip to Poland. Contact Maciej  Kielbasinski at maciej@kielbasinski.net if you'd like to learn more. During the Mission Trip to Poland, St. Peter's team will be working at the St Peter and Paul the Apostles Lutheran Church in Tychy, Poland, teaching English and leading the VBS program. It will be a full-day program for a group of 20-30 kids ages 6-16.

    We are building our mission team from our St. Peter's congregation right now. The immediate goal of this trip is to reinforce the Lutheran faith with the young people and help them grow in Christ. 
    The long-term goal of this trip is to establish a permanent relationship with our brothers and sisters in faith. Lutherans in Poland are in a very small diaspora of approx. 70 thousand in an almost 40 million-people country, which is predominantly Roman-Catholic. However, they’ve been successful in bringing new people into the Church. We would like to take their experiences, apply them here in Schaumburg and open up to Polish community. 
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Tychy, Poland
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VBS in Poland