• 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are invited to become part of our school’s Science Olympics Team! Science Olympics is similar to a regular Olympics except that science events replace athletic events. Our Science Olympics team will practice to prepare to compete at a Science Olympics Competition held at Concordia University in River Forest on Saturday, Nov. 23. The science competition includes events similar to the following:

    *Aluminum Boats
    In this event, teams will be challenged to build a boat of aluminum which will carry the greatest
    load of cargo without sinking.
    *Mystery Powders
    Teams of two will use various materials to determine the identity of white powders in mixtures.
    *Beaks 4 Geeks
    Teams of three or four students will work collaboratively to gather as much “food” as possible
    from an established “box ecosystem”, in a set period of time. Students will use different “beaks”
    to obtain optimal results.
    *Paper Aero
    Team members will compete to create a paper aero (flying device) from an 8.5 inch X 11 inch
    sheet of paper. The paper aero will be tested for distance of flight and accuracy during flight.
    Round 2 Events
    *Egg Drop
    Raw eggs will be dropped from increasing heights into an egg catching device made of 8 sheets
    of regular paper, 30 cm of scotch tape, and 5 tissues.
    Teams of two will work together to build a catapult and attempt to land a ping-pong ball on a designated target.
    *Tree I.D.
    Teams of two students will move about the campus to identify different trees on the property.

  • Contact:

    Sheryl Duff