Not every student learns the same way. Students learn at various rates and in varied ways. Some students may excel, others may struggle.  St. Peter offers services to meet the learning level need of our students. We are thankful to have a resource teacher available to assist our students whatever their need may be.


    My name is Karen Young and I feel truly blessed to be hired as the new part time resource teacher at St. Peter Lutheran School for the next school year.  I have over 30 years of teaching experience for children ages 3-22 with a wide range of disabilities. I have retired from teaching in public schools. In 2019, I have started working with Voice of Care, which is a LCMS ministry for people with disabilities.  I loved joining my expertise of teaching children with disabilities with my Lutheran faith and ministry!  I’m excited to start this new chapter of using my gifts of teaching and ministry as a teacher at St. Peter Lutheran School.


Mrs. Karen Young