• St. Peter Lutheran School has a tradition of excellence in Christian education in a Christian climate of caring and acceptance since 1847. A successful school does not work in isolation. When parents and teachers work together, the result is academically rich, spiritually alive, emotionally healthy and physically strong students. Building on a solid academic core, our school provides children with activities and experiences that stimulate curiosity and lifelong learning.

    We strive to be Christ centered, academically strong and respectfully operated. We have three main goals:

    • To share the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
    • To assist students to use and develop their God given gifts and abilities to their fullest potential as they learn about themselves and the world in which we live.
    • To have fun learning!

    We are blessed to be fully recognized by the State of Illinois and fully accredited by National Lutheran School Accrediation (NLSA).   Area high schools know our students well and the reputation we have earned for excellence.