• Logo As we have journeyed through this Ministry Initiative, we have been presented with the three focuses of the campaign. We understand how the sanctuary improvements will improve the experience of our worship attendees, how decreasing our debt to provide more funds for ministry in the future, and how badly we need to reach out and minister to the young adults in the local communities around St. Peter.
    We've heard the need. We understand the need. We agree with the calling Gad has given us. Now we each must ask ourselves, "How is God calling me to respond? How is He calling me to give? How Is He asking me to sacrifice?" Maybe it's a one-time gift, delaying one of those projects or purchases I've been saving for. Maybe its giving up something I do on a daily or weekly basis. What is God laying on my heart to give, to delay or to give up? Will I respond, step out in faith, and trust Him? If I trust Him to provide for my eternity, will I trust Him to provide for my tomorrow? I pray that we all do and that you will join me in giving to this Ministry Initiative as God is asking you to.