• Voters'

    Dear St. Peter Family,
    It is that time of year where we prepare for elections to the Mission and Ministry Council and Board of Elders. There are a few seats for Council Member At-Large that will be vacant.
    Please send nominations to Heather Collier in the church office in person or via email. For a nomination to be valid it must have the name of the nominee along with the person who is providing the nomination. Nominations can come from St. Peter members only. Please consider all nominations prayerfully.
    The Voters' Assembly will be on Sunday November 24 at 10am in the Fellowship Hall. The agenda is as follows:
    Meeting Agenda
    1. Call To Order
    2. Opening Prayer
    3. Presentation of nominees to Council and Elders.
    4. Election of Vice President, Council members at-large, and Elders
    5. Report from Congregational President, Mark Maine & Pastor Jerry Hays
    6. Announcement of election results
    7. Motion to Adjourn
    8. Closing prayer