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    Since April 2019 the Nitalla and Bushi families begun the Telugu Lutheran Felllowship. Telugu is a language spoken by about 80 million people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in southern part of India where they are fortunate to have the Lutheran Faith for the past five generations. Nittala's and Bushi's have worked together to lead a new fellowship once a month. The main focus to this fellowship is to bring families that speak Telugu language together and to attract families to St. Peter Lutheran Church and School.

    The Nitalla's are traveling to India this November. They are raising funds for poor pastors and orphanage charities by selling the famous "Lemon rice" on October 13 & 20 from 10-12pm. Rice will be boxed to go with a hard boiled egg for $10. Pre-orders are encouraged! Contact Jemmie at 630-456-6252 to order. Please pass this info to your contacts to support India ministry. Thank you!

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