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  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) Camp will be held this summer at St. Peter during the week of June 10-14 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.  A description of the camp is listed above.

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    A STEAM Camp will be held this summer at St. Peter!  Registration for this camp is now open!   STEAM Camps offer exciting, hands-on learning opportunities for students who will be in grades 3-8 this coming fall.  The camp sessions are created by content specialists, and are designed to be fun, full of learning, and distinctively Christian, with a special emphasis on the STEAM curriculum areas. These summer camps run for one week, three hours per day. The cost is $99 per camp. Our very own Ms. Duff will be one of the teachers.

  • Bubbles, balloons, and balls were fun to play with when you were young.  See how they can be just as intriguing to aspiring engineers.  Explore the properties of bubbles and create the longest lasting, largest, and most interestingly shaped bubbles.  Design air balloons for lifting payloads off the ground.   Investigate the physics that allow balls to bounce the highest or be thrown the furthest.  What features make a ball ideal for a sport?  How might you design a ball for a new sport?  Finally, use your spherical discoveries to “break out” of camp in a game at the end of the week.