• Ministry Matters Newsletter

    Welcome to the Ministry Matters! This publication will give you a regular look into St. Peter’s movements in ministry and offer you opportunities to personally engage as a participant or volunteer in the detailed work in our church and community.


    Dear St. Peter family,

    I pray that your summer was as enjoyable as mine was. The Hays family took in a ton of Noah's baseball games, enjoyed a trip to South Dakota (the Blacks Hills are beautiful!), and I even had the opportunity to be the camp cook for our sr. youth camping trip.

    Summer time in the church is seen by many as a down time. Attendance drops, offerings are slim, and church is placed on the back burner. Be reminded that our gracious God never takes a break from us. He is invested in you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year! The act of Jesus on the cross and in the tomb gives us reason to celebrate forgiveness and life equally so, 365 days a year!

    It is with joy that I see people back in worship after an amazing summer. By the way, as you will see in the pages that follow much has been taking place at St. Peter over the summer as we plan for the fall ministries. There is no down time here! We will have a ministry fair, Octoberfest and Trunk-n-Treat, Russ Miller from Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries as a guest speaker in Nov, and much more! I am also pleased to announce that Joanna Eden is coming back on board in Children's Ministries. She will only be leading a few specific areas of ministry as she reengages.

    Enjoy the pages that follow and find some ways that you can worship, serve, and grow as we go forth Loving People, Serving the World!

    +Peace in Christ+
    "Pastor Jerry" Hays
    Senior Pastor