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Haiti Missions
  • St. Peter is working with local missionary groups to support the people of Haiti. Over the years strong respected relationships have been created. St. Peter puts together a mission team twice a year; winter and summer. Currently our winter team is in Haiti.  On January 31, our winter Haiti team left for Haiti to assist with hurricane recovery efforts. The team worked to rebuild a house of one of the pastor's whose home was lost in the hurricane. A fund was setup by LCMS Disaster Recovery to cover the cost of roofs for all the pastors but in this case there is no house to replace the roof. The cost to rebuild his home will be around $7,000. This particular pastor has no way to raise the money to rebuild his home and your donation will provide building material for our team to work with the Haitians on this project. If you would like to help, donations are being accepted. Please designate your donation to "Haiti Rebuilding". Haiti needs our support more than ever. See below to view pictures from the current trip!

    Here are a few other ways you can help:
    • HELP HAITI NOW! St. Peter is collecting funds to go directly to Hurricane Matthew relief in Haiti.  Click Here Now to donate!
    • Finally, and most importantly, PRAY. Haiti will not recover in a few weeks. The next 6 months will be most critical but the overall recovery will be years. Pray for all those who serve Haiti. Pray for ways you can help those who are hurting.