Haiti Missions
  • St. Peter works with local Lutheran pastors and missionaries to support the people of Haiti and over the years, strong, respected relationships have been created. St. Peter puts together a team twice a year; winter and summer. Our mission is to support the efforts of the pastor's of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti (ELCH) in their communities in the southern region of Haiti near Les Cayes. The district president of this area is Pastor Paul Touloute who studied at the seminary in Fort Wayne, IN.  
    Our teams support the efforts in the communities through: 
    -  developing relationships that last a lifetime
    - working together in leading vacation Bible school with local children
    -  teaching lay pastor seminars
    -  leading women's Bible study and conferences
    - helping with local construction projects
    -  offering computer classes at a school established in Simon
    - leading English classes
    - coordinating relief efforts after Hurricane Matthew
    - offering guidance in establishing a farmer's co-op to re-establish coffee farming in the area of Beaumont. 
    Hurricane Matthew impacted the fragile subsistence farming that most Haiti's lived by as it destroyed all their crops, many trees and displaced top soil. Immediate food aid was provided but many of these sources have dried up leaving behind famine and starvation in many areas. In addition to the hurricane in October, these same areas have seen major flooding during the beginning months of the rain season this spring which has also washed out crops recently planted.  
    Seed donations were received from a grant from Hope Seeds which arrived in Haiti in late April. Money is still needed for immediate food and medical needs for those who have little or nothing. 
    Additionally, money is being raised to purchase goats and chickens in order to re-establish livestock which was killed during the hurricane. 

    As you know, last Saturday, August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti which left over 1,500 people dead, countless seriously injured and tens of thousand homeless.  On Monday, Tropical Storm Grace delivered another blow to the area with 7-10" of rain and very strong winds. As of Wednesday, the area continues to have very strong aftershocks.  The area hit hardest is the area that St. Peter has ministered to over the the past 9 years and where we have made life long friends.  A pastor in Maniche was killed and another elder was killed in Lestiage. Pastor Paul Touloute suffered multiple broken bones in his ankle that required surgery. Due to the instability and damage to many homes, many are sleeping outside as their homes are not safe.  Food, water, medical supplies, tents, generators are needed urgently along with money. 

                 If you are able to assist in even the smallest way, cash donations can be made to St. Peter Lutheran Church with note: HAITI RELIEF  or donations can also be made to IIT Haiti which is the organization that Jeff Nyquist started along with others. Donations can be made at:  https://iithaiti.org/support-iit-haiti.  All donations received at IIT Haiti will be used in the Les Cayes/Simon area. 

              If you prefer to donate relief supplies, please review the list of accepted items below.  Items could be ordered online and sent directly to Agape Flights.  Donated supplies for general distribution must arrive at our hangar (100 Airport Ave E., Venice, FL 34285) by Friday, August 27. Please include ATTN: RELIEF on your package.  Delivery hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

      They will not accept anything not on this approved list or with an expiration date of less than 6 months from now.  Thank you!


    • Medical supplies - gloves, gauze, bandages, antibiotic ointment, Tylenol/ibuprofen
    • Generators
    • Tarps
    • Tents
    • Ready to eat food (power bars, etc)
    • Flashlights and batteries
    • Gallon-sized ziplock bags
    • Tuna and chicken pouches (no cans please)
    • Gatorade POWDER ONLY
    • Protein supplements POWDER ONLY
    • We do NOT accept WATER (too heavy to fly) or clothes
    • We do NOT need toiletries, paper products, or baby items at this time.