Haiti Missions
  • St. Peter works with local Lutheran pastors and missionaries to support the people of Haiti and over the years, strong, respected relationships have been created. St. Peter puts together a team twice a year; winter and summer. Our mission is to support the efforts of the pastor's of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti (ELCH) in their communities in the southern region of Haiti near Les Cayes. The district president of this area is Pastor Paul Touloute who studied at the seminary in Fort Wayne, IN.  
    Our teams support the efforts in the communities through: 
    -  developing relationships that last a lifetime
    - working together in leading vacation Bible school with local children
    -  teaching lay pastor seminars
    -  leading women's Bible study and conferences
    - helping with local construction projects
    -  offering computer classes at a school established in Simon
    - leading English classes
    - coordinating relief efforts after Hurricane Matthew
    - offering guidance in establishing a farmer's co-op to re-establish coffee farming in the area of Beaumont. 
    Hurricane Matthew impacted the fragile subsistence farming that most Haiti's lived by as it destroyed all their crops, many trees and displaced top soil. Immediate food aid was provided but many of these sources have dried up leaving behind famine and starvation in many areas. In addition to the hurricane in October, these same areas have seen major flooding during the beginning months of the rain season this spring which has also washed out crops recently planted.  
    Seed donations were received from a grant from Hope Seeds which arrived in Haiti in late April. Money is still needed for immediate food and medical needs for those who have little or nothing. 
    Additionally, money is being raised to purchase goats and chickens in order to re-establish livestock which was killed during the hurricane. 

    Here are a few other ways you can help:
    • HELP HAITI NOW! St. Peter is collecting funds to go directly to local needs identified by Pastor Paul Touloute. Support can be offered by 
      • Purchasing a "Team Haiti" t-shirt for $20 - proceeds from one shirt supports 3 families for 3 weeks for rice
      • Buy a goat for $60  or 2 chickens for $35 to be presented to farmers who are part of the co-op 
      • Cash donations applied to most urgent needs
      • HELP HAITI NOW! St. Peter is collecting funds to go directly to Hurricane Matthew relief in Haiti.  Click Here Now to donate!
      • Finally, and most importantly, PRAY. Haiti will not recover in a few weeks. The next 6 months will be most critical but the overall recovery will be years. Pray for all those who serve Haiti. Pray for ways you can help those who are hurting.