• January 24, 2018 - St. Peter offers an outstanding Christian based education. The incredible staff members at this school are 100% invested in the development of each and every child who attends. We are beyond thankful that under their thoughtful guidance and care, our kids are thriving academically, spiritually and socially. St. Peter continues to help lay the faith foundation for so many, while also preparing children to excel throughout their school journey. Alison, Parent of 1st grader & preschooler.

    December 22, 2107 - St. Peter Lutheran in Schaumburg is the place to be. We have 6 children, ranging in ages from 14 years to 18 months, all of them have gone or will go through St. Peter's since 3 year old Preschool. Our eldest daughter was the first to have graduated 8th grade from St. Peter's in the spring. She now attends Conant High School and has made a wonderful transition. We can’t put a price on the education and experiences our children have been so blessed to have had while at St. Peter's. Our journey at St. Peter’s, has been nothing but excellent. St. Peter's has so much to offer, from a rigorous academic curriculum, to numerous extra-curricular offerings. They even have a top-notch before and after school kid care program for working parents. St. Peter's is a genuine God-loving family that consists of amazing teachers, staff members, church members, pastors and countless friends. St. Peter's not only educates students and does it well, but they go above and beyond to inspire students and to encourage students to be involved in all sorts of school-related opportunities. We love St. Peter's!

    December 6, 2017 - My daughter graduated from St. Peter this past May.  She attended for 11 years (3 yr old pre-school through 8th grade).  In that time I felt a true partnership with the faculty and staff in her education, both academically and spiritually.  There were times during the 11 years where we questioned whether we were able to afford to continue paying private school tuition.  We made the choice to put tuition payments first because we couldn’t see finding the nurturing, challenging, energetic atmosphere anywhere else.  This commitment was validated this fall as our daughter started high school in a public school.  The foundation set at St. Peter has given her an edge both academically and socially.  We have watched her blossom as she applies her strong work ethic and Christian foundation to her studies in honors and AP courses as well as social relationships. St. Peter Parent.

    November 30, 2017 - My son has attended St. Peters since preschool and he is now in first grade and he's LOVING it! We love all the teachers here, they are all so helpful and pleasant. The atmosphere is very positive for the kids. This school is truly like a big family environment. They have a great after school kids program too called kid care for parents who work later. I highly recommend this school! St. Peter Parent

    November 22, 2017 - I have three students at St. Peter, a 5th grader, 2nd grader and 1st grader. We have been attending the school since 2013 and we all love the school. We recently moved out of Schaumburg and yet we still attend it. The school has a very friendly vibe and it is a great community to be a part of. The Principal and Assistant Principal are very visible at the school and greet parents and students alike, either in the parking lot or at the school entrance every day. The class sizes are small and the fantastic teachers all care and believe in their students. The students are challenged and academically St. Peter’s MAP results are higher than the National average. At the 2017 Science Olympics St. Peter students took home 12 out of a possible 24 prizes. I really like the Accelerated Reading Program run by the Librarian which encourages and rewards children for reading throughout the year. There are many sporting opportunities such as track and field, basketball and volley ball and extracurricular activities like chess, computer and geography clubs, choir and band. The PTL is very active and provides many fellowship opportunities throughout the year to meet fellow parents like the Daddy Daughter Dance, Mother Son event, Christmas Carnival and the Early Childhood Potluck to name a few. Some of my best friends are parents I have met in my children’s classes. I would highly recommend this school. Gina a parent of three St. Peter students.

    November 16, 2017 - Both of my children attend St. Peter.  They are receiving an excellent education.  Our teachers truly care about each student and are willing to come in early or stay late to help students. St. Peter Parent

    November 10, 2017 - "How well does the school prepare students for high school?" is a common question for parents. Before our son graduated in 2016 (he was a St. Peter student K - 8th) we had the same question. He was leaving a Christian-based school with small class sizes to a large (3,000 students plus), highly-rated public high school. Now in his sophomore year, we can say without hesitation that St. Peter prepares its students exceptionally well for high school, and it's clear that the foundation he received at St. Peter continues to positively influence him. Our son has a mix of As/Bs, including one honors class. He is a candidate for two AP classes next year. His teachers tell us he is engaged in class discussions, shows leadership, and in two classes, took it upon himself to routinely help special needs classmates. He joined the school's Christian club and has expressed an interest in a club leadership position next year. St. Peter's teachers and faith leaders prepared our son well for high school, academically and spiritually! Jennifer a parent of an 8th grader and high school student that graduated from St. Peter.

    November 9, 2017 - I am a parent of a 3rd grader at St. Peter Lutheran.  My son has been attending the school since Kindergarten and loves every minute of it.  Small class sizes provide a lot of focused attention of well-educated teachers and support staff. Teachers themselves are very demanding and push their students to excel.  This is reflected by MAP tests where St. Peter students rank above district and national averages.  On top of regular classes, the school offers a lot of extracurricular activities, chess or math club for example.  I recommend St. Peter Lutheran School without hesitation to everyone. St. Peter Parent

    October 15, 2017 - I had an amazing experience when I attended St. Peter and I’m thankful my children are having a similar experience.  The teachers and faculty strive to ensure every student succeeds.  They are available before and after school for extra help.  They love their students and their families.  They want to make sure their students are not only taken care of academically but also spiritually.  The curriculum covers all subject areas which has helped develop well rounded students.  There are many after school activities and sports for students to be part of.  I highly recommend St. Peter as a school and church. St. Peter Parent

    February 13, 2017 - There's so much I could say about why we like St Peter! The quality Christian education Colin receives, the care for each child.... that you recognize & take time to review how to treat others kindly (character building), and there's excellent communication from both you & the school. Emilie G. a Preschool Parent

    June 27, 2017 - I am a parent of a 3rd grader at St Peter Lutheran. My son has been attending the school since Kindergarten and loves every minute of it. Small class sizes provide a lot of focused attention of well educated teachers and support staff. Teachers themselves are very demanding and push their students to excel. This is reflected by MAP tests where St Peter students rank above district and national averages. On top of regular classes, the school offers a lot of extracurricular activities, chess or math club for example. I recommend St Peter Lutheran School without any hesitation to everyone.

    April 17, 2017 - We have been members since 2013 and we love it here. Our daughter has learned so much while attending school at St. Peter's. She is very mature for her age. she socializes well; she enjoys leading; she appreciates books and loves learning about Christ. And our daughter is only in kindergarten! Good people here. Teachers and staff are wonderful. God Bless them. Saul, St. Peter Parent

    June, 2016 - I love this school, it is kind of like my second home to me and I am going to cry next year in 8th grade when I have to leave.  We get the best education possible and the teachers work so hard so we understand the work.  We get to learn about Jesus' love every single day and the school is really fun too!"  A 7th Grade Student at St. Peter Lutheran School, Schaumburg

    April 26, 2016 - My daughter started at St. Peter for 4 year old full day preschool, and is now about to finish 7th grade.  From the very beginning, I found it to be an enriching environment for her to learn.  The teachers are clearly invested in providing a Christian and academically challenging education to their students.  She has absolutely thrived at this school.  Now that we are in the middle school years, I am incredibly impressed with their middle school curriculum.  I truly believe that the study habits that they are being taught will help them in high school and beyond.   The middle school science program is amazing! As a testament to that, 12 of the 14 7th & 8th graders that made it to the regional science fair advanced to state. 

    Even though it’s a relatively small school, there are many extracurricular activities, both academic and athletic, that the children can participate in.  There are also many events throughout the year where families can get to know each other.  All of these things lead to a real feeling of community at this school.  I have no regrets about investing in her education at St. Peter.  Heather L.

    April 3, 2016 - Maria Campbell, class of 2007, is working temporarily in our Kid Care Program.  Here’s what she is doing now:  I attended St. Peter from 3-year old pre-school through 8th grade.  I have also worked part-time at St. Peter (my first job) from the time I was 16 and throughout my college years in the childcare/summer daze programs.  I loved working with the kids and it ultimately led me to my chosen career of being a nurse.  I recently graduated from Rockford University with a B.S.N./R.N. in nursing and I start my new career/job in a few weeks.  My ultimate goal is working as an R.N., continuing my work with children in pediatrics.  I am thankful for all the opportunities and fun memories I have had at St. Peter.

    March, 2016 - I know you are aware my daughter has a 504 plan in place due to her ADD.  Over the past year she has come a long way academically.  Part I have to give credit to her because she has been the one who has to put forth the effort to be successful but that is only part of the equation.  The other 1/2 comes from her amazing teachers..  Both of them have helped my daughter beyond the call of duty.  For example the week before spring break my daughter had a social studies test on Friday.  At home she was in tears because it was a lot to remember and comprehend.  I reached out and one of her teachers kept her after school for an hour and 45 minutes helping her to prepare.  The hard work paid off because she received a 97%.  My daughter would not have received that grade without the extra help.  My daughter's classroom teacher has even kept her after school for math till she understands it and has helped her during recess. She is now reading at grade level, is back in the regular math class and has made honor twice this year which she did not make it at all in 4th.   These two ladies have gone above my expectations of what a teacher is suppose to do and I'm so thankful my daughter has them both.   (A St. Peter Lutheran, Schaumburg Parent, March 2016).

    April 10, 2015 - When we were contemplating sending our first child to school (public vs. St. Peter's), St. Peter made the decision an easy one.  When we say "easy" we don't necessarily mean financially easy, but we can't put a price on the education and experiences our children have been so blessed to have had while under your leadership.  Our journey at St. Peter's has been nothing but excellent.  We are now blessed with what we call, "our St. Peter's Family." This family consists of all the wonderful teachers, staff members, church members, pastors and countless friends.  At the time, we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into (especially with 5 kids to see through 8th grade at St. Peter's).  And now, we wouldn't have it any other way!  Because this is what we got ourselves into:  outstanding moral education for our children, rigorous curriculum for our children, teaching our children about life's true values, learning how to treat others, the true meaning of love, an amazing congregation, countless new friends and family members, a closer relationship with God, our Savior, a bright foundation for our children, and many wonderful experiences and memories. Why is St. Peter's this way?  With time, effort, commitment and dedication to this school, the staff have built it to be this way!  They have led by example, through our Lord, to strive for perfection....The staff has touched our lives in immeasurable amounts...We are at peace knowing our children's future education is in good hands.  With God and the staff...our children will continue to flourish and have a very bright future.  Miltz Family

    From a few of our students when asked, "Why someone should come to St. Peter Lutheran School?"

    Hannah - St. Peter has a lot to teach.  Education is very important and everyone learns so much!  Religion is first with education at a close second.  My faith and knowledge has grown more each year.  Everyone here learns good manners.  When we go places, people have said that we are different and great to have.

    Ava - I have been to St. Peter for 9 years.  It just keeps getting better.  We just built and put up a green house this year, to help us learn even more.  All teachers are so loving.  St. Peter's not just a school it's also a loving church too.  I have so many church friends and family there.  My family has 5 kids and we all go here.  They really care about your education.  Teachers are as caring as they can get.  St. Peter is like my home.

    Aida - We have great teachers.  A kid can make a friend fast because everyone is so nice. We have encouragement from our teachers to do great things.  We learn about God.  We have a big library for all the school.  We can get gift cards as a prize for reading!

    Charli - Teachers and pastors and ... well ...EVERYONE helps you walk and grow in your faith in God.  All of the teachers keep everything on track and helps us when we need help.  There are friends for everyone here.  St. Peter is a good education, has high standards and high expectations for everyone.

    Emma - St. Peter gives kids an amazing Christian education.  The teachers are loving, caring and encouraging.  The teachers do whatever it takes until you are helped.  It doesn't take long for a new kid to make some friends.  The education is amazing here and prepares the kids for high school.

    Shane - St. Peter prepares you to go out and do everything in the name of Jesus.  Everyone at St. Peter helps you in your goals of faith and scholarship. Everyone at St. Peter pushes you to do your best and grow in faith.  Everything that is done at St. Peter is focused on the one true God.