Green Committee
  • St. Peter Saving G.R.E.E.N (Saving God’s Resources and Environment with Education Now)

    Hello all St. Peter families! Our GREEN efforts were in full swing this summer. We built our greenhouse, painted it and stocked up on some supplies.
    Recently, we put the plastic on the greenhouse, but due to extremely high winds it was torn off. We are looking into the design and options to strengthen this so it doesn’t happen again.

    Our Mother’s Day flower sale went very well (THANK YOU to everyone’s help!). We have raised over $1000 for our GREEN fund. Our goal now is to get the additional supplies that are needed to maintain the Greenhouse and get the kids in there growing and learning!

    During the year we raise funds several ways *Reusable shopping bags – Sell for $2.50 each (see attached order form for more details) **special note** on the bag there is a list of collections we have done in the past, at this time we are NOT collecting these items but hope to restart soon. These are great to use for your grocery shopping (use at Target and get $.05 discount on your purchase for each bag used).

    *Terracycle items – We collect empty Lunchable containers (this collection ends 12/31/15), empty Juice Pouch bags and Bar wrappers (ex. Granola bars, nutrition bars, rice crispie bar – no Candy bars) Once we fill a box, we then ship to the Terracycle company and they write us a check. 100% of these funds are used for the GREEN efforts here at St. Peter.

    *Mother’s Day Flowers – Before Mother’s Day we sell premium baskets for those special mom’s in your life.

    If you have ideas or would like to help in the GREEN efforts here at St. Peter, please email or call Stephanie Combs at or (847) 340-8654

    A BIG THANK YOU to all the families that have helped make our Greenhouse possible.
    Committee Chair