• In an effort to help parents invest in their children, by providing a Christian education through our school, we have established need-based tuition assistance. To help assure confidentiality and insure proper stewardship of scholarship funds, a third party is utilized to determine family financial need. Assistance is provided to those who qualify as much as funding is available. For information about how to apply for scholarship funds, please contact the school office.

    We build scholarship opportunities for families in a number of different ways:

    1. Members of our congregation choose to contribute a portion of their church offering above their regular giving as scholarship funding.
    2. Students in our school provide funding through chapel offerings.
    3. Individuals build our scholarship opportunities with their designated gifts.
    4. Various fundraisers are held such as our, “Swing for Scholarships” golf event.

    These funds become a tremendous blessing to all who receive them.  We are thankful for the generosity of all who contribute to the funding of our scholarships. We request that when circumstances change for the families who receive scholarship funding, and they become in a position to be able assist others, that they do so.

    Eligibility to receive need based financial aid through St. Peter is determined by the school office based on need.


    This fund was established January 13, 2007 for the children/parents of St. Peter Lutheran School by the faculty, staff, friends, and members of St. Peter to honor the 35th anniversaries in ministry of long time teachers Roger Kirsch and Doug Flett. The purpose of this fund is to minister to the St. Peter school families when they face sudden life changing circumstances that limit their ability to pay tuition (or any other fees) for their child/ren (i.e. death of a parent, loss of job, serious illness of parent/child). This fund is intended to help in the short-term. Recommendations for families needing help can be brought to the attention of the school administrative staff. Decisions for offering aid will be made by the school administration. To date this scholarship has provided in excess of $130,000 in tuition assistance.


    Tuition assistance funding is provided to families that otherwise would not be able to attend St. Peter Lutheran School. Assistance funding is awarded on a yearly basis for those with a demonstrated need according to our review process as long as scholarship monies are available. Scholarship grant award decisions are made through the finance ministry of the congregation and the school administration.

    EMPOWER ILLINOIS  Empower Illinois is a State of Illinois tax based Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) providing need based tuition assistance. Empower Illinois offers first come, first serve need based scholarship funding for paying/assisting with your child's tuition payments at St. Peter.

    There is a large demand for tax credit scholarships to private schools in Illinois. The Empower Illinois scholarship application system opens in January.  Visit their website and ...Act fast if you think you may qualify.

    Reservations for 2023-2024 opens January 18, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.

    The Time Stamp reservation system will be accessible from mobile devices in addition to desktops, laptops, etc.  Everything you will need for the reservation step should be top of mind. Once you get your application link, you will need to use a computer to submit the required documents and finish the application accurately, without rushing.

    More information, including helpful documents, FAQs and instructions, can be found on their website.

    It is the goal of Empower Illinois to improve access to quality education for every child, in every neighborhood within our state. To learn more about scholarship granting opportunities or to assist opportunities with your donation through Empower Illinois visit their website at

  • Join us in September for our Annual Swing for Scholarships Golf Outing.
    Scholarships at St. Peter Lutheran Church and School can only be provided for families as funds are available.  Fund awards are based on need. Awarded funds allow students to attend our school or continue their enrollment. Thank you for your willingness and generosity to assist us in providing financial assistance to families in need. Stay tuned for more information.