• Volunteer

    Volunteers are an important ingredient in student success.

    St. Peter is filled with employees that give their heart and soul to provide its members a Christ centered education but they can't do it alone!  Volunteering is a great way to give back. It is also a way to connect groups and form relationships with other St. Peter families.  There are many ways parents and church members can volunteer.  The list below describes some of the school's volunteer opportunities. Whether you give one hour or 100, every volunteer is valued and appreciated.


    Classroom Help, Parent Reading, Teacher Assistance, Library Book fair, Room Parent, Chaperoning Field trips, Fall Fest, Field Day, Lunch Room Mom, VIP Day, 8th Grade Banquet, PTL Fundraisers, PTL Events, PTL Auction, and so much more!

    All parents are asked to give 10 Volunteer Hours per school year. This could be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Please ask your teacher, the school office or the PTL board how you can get involved.  St. Peter Lutheran School is blessed to have the volunteer help of so many people.