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Mr. Steve Zielke
  • Christmas 2018

    Posted by Steve Zielke on 12/20/2018

    It’s the Gift Giving Season!

    Merry Christmas! Wahoo! Yipee! Who doesn’t like to get gifts? Gifts can bring so much joy and happiness. And who doesn’t like to see happiness around them?  Gifts show appreciation and convey a spirit of acknowledgement. They demonstrate care. What gifts are you providing for your children this year? Will they get the latest phone, video game, doll or unicorn?  Did your children make a list so you know what to give?    

    Packaging notices alert us to “be careful,” “danger choking hazard,” and give age restrictions and other cautions that a gift may not be “suitable for children under a certain age.”   Then, it seems like every year at about this time a list of recall notices comes out. They tell us not to use or to return what may have been purchased because of a particular or potential issue. Do you chose the gifts you give based on the ones to whom you give? I would think most of us do.

    Think for a moment about the gifts you have been given. I’m not talking about a particular toy, piece of jewelry or a vacation.  Those gifts will eventually tarnish and vanish. Think instead about another gift, one much more valuable. The gift I’m thinking about is the one given by your Heavenly Father. The perfect gift. The gift that Christmas is all about. God’s gift comes with sacrifice, thought and pure love.  God’s gift to you is His own Son Jesus, the gift of life that brings eternal joy and happiness. God’s gift was truly given “with you in mind.” God’s gift is the reason St. Peter Lutheran Church and School exist. It is a gift to be shared. Whom might you invite to share the gift of Glad Tidings of Great Joy that is for All People this Christmas?

    You are providing this wondrous gift for your children with their enrollment at St. Peter. The only recall in this gift is God’s recalling each of us to be His own. You provide this gift by teaching, and guiding your children and when you model a Christian life. We work together with you as a school family to share that same gift of God’s perfect love. May God’s gift always be present among us to bless our partnership in the instruction of your precious children.

    As you select gifts this season for your children I urge you to be aware of many cautions and concerns that may be present in the area of popular technological gifts and about the addictions and issues properly unsupervised gifts of this type may bring. The links below provide caution to some. You can find other helpful advice at Please use this informative website as an aid for you to be aware and to help prevent potential issues down the road.

    May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your family as you celebrate His coming with Joy and Gladness! Thanks for all you do!

    Merry Christmas!


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  • Summer 2018

    Posted by Mary Bahn on 6/13/2018

    It’s summertime at St. Peter!  Summer Daze is now in full swing with 80+ students  enjoying our STEAM theme exploring new horizons. The PS-8th grade teachers and I have just completed our post school meetings and we are working on the final wrap up for the 2017-18 school year. In our meetings we discussed many joys and successes from the past school year and also looked at areas of improvement to work towards.  Plans are now in motion for next year’s beginning. We’re not ready now, but we certainly will be when the calendar turns to August 20 and the 2018-2019 school year begins.

    We thank God for you. You and your family are a tremendous blessing from God. Your children are precious gifts. We thank Him for the success your children achieved this past year. (Did you know our MAP scores are quite  impressive?) We are thankful for the privilege of being in your school family. Thank you!

    This summer we have a number of building projects in the works. Thanks to PTL we will be replacing two drinking fountains with water bottle filler drinking stations and installing a patio set at the Red School. A couple of bulletin boards, some classroom whiteboards and projectors will be upgraded. The early childhood bathrooms will have a new look and a new gym floor will be installed this summer.  The thoughtfulness of generous donors makes these projects a reality. Thanks again!

    This past year’s curriculum study was Spanish and Technology. We made major improvements in these areas over the course of the year. We are grateful for the donors who allowed us to update our technology infrastructure, acquire new student chromebooks, install interactive whiteboards and classroom projectors. We now have now adopted a revised Spanish and Technology curriculum.  Next year’s curriculum focus is the Religion. We will thoroughly review this area and re-emphasize the main reason our school exists--simply put, to share Jesus and His love.

    It’s time to get your swing in shape. Mark Friday, September 28 on your calendar. This is the date for our 2nd Annual Swing for Scholarships Golf Outing at Royal Hawk Country Club in St. Charles. We had a lot of fun last year enjoying a beautiful day of fun together, over 80 prizes were given away and we added a little over $5000 to our Kirsch-Flett and general scholarship accounts. Our driving, putting, chipping and fellowship helped enable families to afford the blessings of Christian education at St. Peter that they otherwise could not. Thank you! Details about our September 28 outing are now available at insert St Peter LINK.  We have just started soliciting sponsors and prizes and taking golf registrations. Please join us. Please sponsor if you can. Sign up early (and bring a friend!)

    Enrollment for next year is progressing nicely. Our phone is ringing and new family tours of our facilities are underway. God continues to bless us with opportunities to share His Good News as we learn about the world around us. If there is someone you know considering joining our church and school family, bring them in and when they enroll in a full-time program we will provide an incentive for you.  God is indeed good and we are thankful to serve Him.

    We’re here this summer still working hard in the office. Look for a note in July with important back to school information. Our calendar is online. Saturday, August 18 at 5pm is our Opening and Backpack Blessing service I can’t wait to have our halls filled with students once again.

    God bless,

    Steve Zielke

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    We believe children are a gift from God. Our partnership in Christian education provides an environment in which children benefit, as they discover their God given gifts and grow and develop into Christian leaders and life-long learners. Lutheran churches and schools provide opportunities for lives to be transformed and minds renewed through the study and application of God’s Word. We are thankful for the sacrifices you make as a parent so that your child may be instructed and brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The educational value you are adding for your child is immeasurable.

    St. Peter Lutheran School and all Lutheran schools are concerned about the total child. We exist for the development of children’s spiritual, academic, emotional, social and physical growth. We cannot operate in isolation if we are to be truly successful in helping children grow and learn about the world God provides and develop positive Christian values. A close working relationship between school and parents is critical. When teachers, parents and staff work in partnership God’s kingdom and His children benefit now and for eternity.

    We serve a loving God. Sharing the love of Jesus our Savior is what we are to be about. God’s gift of grace and forgiveness allows us to lead transformed lives. We learn from each other and grow daily. We are thankful you are a member of our church and school family. St. Peter students graduate with a solid foundation on which to build further learning as they serve their Savior, church, community and nation.

    May God’s blessing be upon us as He directs and guides our efforts together so that the children we are entrusted with grow and develop into life long learners and Christian leaders utilizing the wonderful talents our loving God so graciously provides.

    Welcome to the St. Peter Lutheran Church and School family!

    Stephen P. Zielke




  • Steve Zielke joined the administrative team of St. Peter Lutheran Church and School as St. Peter's school  principal in June of 2015. He has classroom experience in Lutheran schools teaching students in grade two through the college level. As a well respected educator Mr. Zielke has served as principal of schools at both secondary and elementary levels. His love of students and family values is further demonstrated by the fact that his wife, four children and three of his children's spouses all have worked in the educational field. Mr. Zielke holds a Master's Degree in School Administration.