• Book Fair

    Join us in sharing a love of reading with our students at the Scholastic Book Fair from October 11nd - October 16th.

    •  Visit the Book Fair as a family.
    •  Talk with your child about what they are reading.
    •  Connect your child with books they want to read and
       build your home library.
       Book Fair Date & Times:
      Tuesday, October 11th 9-2:30pm
      Wednesday, October 12th from 9:00a-2:30p
      Thursday, October 13th from 9:00a-7:00p *Closed between 10:45am - 12pm for Teacher Luncheon.
      Friday, October 14th Closed
      Saturday, October 15th from 4:30p-6:30p 
      Sunday, October 16th 8:30a-1:00p
    St. Peter has two book fairs every school year, one in the fall and one in late winter. Students will have the opportunity to shop during school. Parents and community members are able to shop during the Parent Teacher Conferences and also on the weekend before and after worship.