• Jocelyn Huey is a current junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a part of Regeneration International Inc. Over her spring break she will be traveling to the Philippines to work with women and children who have been victims of sex-trafficking, are homeless, and/or are orphans. She will be sharing the gospel, praying for the women and children at the bars as well as the buyers. 100% of the donations will be used to provide the women and children with basic necessities, health expenses, counseling, and fees that cover education/work training costs. Below is her story about how God has called her as well as some prayer requests she has. Thank you for your support! During my senior year of high school, about a year after I was baptized, I stumbled upon what human trafficking was on my instagram feed. My heart broke for the women and children that were sold into prostitution. Soon after, St. Peter had a documentary screening about sex-trafficking in India, there was information about it at the Christian concerts I went to, during my college visit to UW-Madison, a human trafficking display was up, after I joined my Christian organization on campus, a volunteer spoke about his organization that helps those trafficked in the Dane County area, I joined it, and met Charisa (founder of Regeneration International Inc.) The topic just kept popping up! Recently I was sitting with Charisa eating pho and she was telling me about her most recent mission trip to the Philippines. She also told me that the shelter didn’t have a building to call their own, that they were going to buy land, and she had told the woman who runs the shelter about me (I’m an interior architecture major). As we were talking, I felt in my heart that God was telling me, “I want you to go” and so I told her, “I’m going.” I said that at least 5 times during our conversation. A few minutes after I told her that I was going, her phone started playing music out of nowhere. She didn’t touch her phone for it to start playing music, and this had never happened before. It wasn’t even close to her body, but her phone kept playing this one song. As she aggressively, tried to click the pause button, the song still wouldn’t stop playing. I told her, ”I think God is trying to say something. What’s the song called?” We looked up the song titled Unknown by Mosaic MSC (Which just so happens to be one of my favorite Christian bands), and the chorus said this: “I will lift my eyes to things unseen To the promise in Your victory And I will build (I went into my major so that I could build for those who were trafficked or homeless) my life on the mystery Of where You call me, and I will go Into the unknown” And we just sat there amazed at God’s affirmation. Before my fall semester started, my friend told me that if God wants to speak to us, He can. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush and for me, He spoke through my favorite Christian band on my friend’s phone during dinner. He is so good! 
    Prayer Requests: -Full healing (mental, physical, spiritual, relational, financial) and new life for the women, children, and buyers -Jesus would do whatever He wants to and I would be obedient to His leading without fear -Safety and that I won’t get lost/miss any flights (I will be taking a flight to and from the Philippines by myself. And I’ll meet Charisa there since she’s moving there in January) -That I would meet people where they’re at the way Jesus does and that the Holy Spirit would be the one speaking through me (words that are encouraging, filled with light, love, truth, life-giving) -Against judgment or assumptions over the buyers and that I’ll be able to have Jesus eyes and be able to love them and see them the way God does