Our winter team returned from Haiti February 6th.

    Our team had an wonderful week that spanned from leading a pastors education conference for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti, distribution of shoes from Shoes that Grow, teaching a quilting class, working with Water for Life, tutoring college students in math, helping to establish a computer lab for the students of First Lutheran in Les Cayes with laptops, VBS in Simone, ESL class in Charlette, meeting with the REPROCAH team to get updates on the farm projects (goats and chickens), working at IIT as well as a computer class Saturday morning for 20 students wtih 70 showing up, working at Centre Lumiere, worship and lunch at Charlette followed by a drive then hike into Sejourne to see the progress on the new church (and the team made it back that night to see the kick-off for the Super Bowl!)

    It was a busy week to say the least. There was very little down time with long days and rugged truck rides. We had an awesome team along for this ride including two first time team members. We spent time with dear friends. The week went by so fast and it is always wonderful to see God's ultimate plan for our trips.

    New seeds have been sown and other seeds have been watered! God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

    Thank you Jerry Hays, Rich Wiskirchen, Larry Fieldman, Tina Jackson, Timothy Kaufmann, Joy Schutte-Kaufmann and Jeff Nyquistfor all your hard work and love for Haiti. Each of you played a vital role in the success of this trip.