• Bussert


    Stewardship Ingathering – Bottle Caps

    In order to encourage good stewardship in everyday living, St. Peter’s Stewardship Ministry Team has been having periodic “ingatherings” during 2018. So far, we have collected eyeglasses, hearing aids, batteries and worn-out flags. Each was for about a one-month period. We had scheduled a bottle cap collection for March of 2019…but it has taken off early! The school and the PTL, with leadership from Gina Gilbert, has already begun collecting caps. A cap-eating monster, nick-named Gilbert, is already filling up in the school lobby!

    Would you like to join the effort? We all have dozens of products in our homes that have plastic caps. Here are the ones that are recyclable:

    Snap-on lids, like on butter tubs, coffee cans (max 8”), yogurt, hairspray, shampoo bottles.

    Twist-on caps, like soft-drink and water bottles, milk jugs, medicine bottles (but not the bottles), detergent jugs.

    Flip-top spout caps, like ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, etc.

    Please do not include the following:

    Any caps with metal in them.

    Pump caps with metal spring inside, like lotion or hand soap.

    Fast-food drink lids.

    You can bring your caps to the small receptacle at the Connection Center in the church narthex, or feed them directly to “Gilbert, the Cap Eating Monster” in the school lobby. In the spring, they will be sorted by the students to remove unacceptable materials (Miss Duff, our Junior High Science teacher is leading the charge on the environmental education side of this), then delivered to a factory in Evansville, IN, where we will pick up a plastic park bench to be placed somewhere on our property. Our goal is to collect 500 pounds of caps by next March. How much is 500 pounds? About 12 55-gallon plastic bags!

    Rev. Mark Bussert