• Bussert


    Stewardship Ministry Team Plans New “Ingatherings” for 2019
    In the 2018-2019 year, the Stewardship Ministry Team developed a plan to encourage people to practice good stewardship of things that are often thrown away when they can be recycled or repurposed. This included our recent very successful plastic cap and lid collection, which brought in well over 500 pounds of plastic pieces (the final weighing has not been completed as of this writing). This will enable us to put a new bench of recycled plastic in the grove in front of the Historic Chapel. A huge thanks to school parent Gina Gilbert who really jumped in and did so much on this project, including creating the “cap-eating monster” for the School Lobby (and which we named “Gilbert” in her honor!). The kids seemed to love feeding him, and filled up his transparent belly on an almost weekly basis. Thanks to everyone who contributed! In May, Sarah Blanchard will deliver the plastic to a recycling plant in Evansville, IN, and bring back our bench.
    The SMT has now laid out a collection plan for the rest of this year, and invite you to bring in the following:
    APRIL – we are once again collecting used glasses, which will be sent to an organization that provides them to low-income people in the US and a number of foreign countries. Last year we collected about 225 pairs of glasses.
    MAY – do you have worn out towels, blankets and pillows? We will collect them and deliver them to a local animal shelter that uses them for bedding for rescue dogs and cats.
    JUNE – School gets out, and a lot of crayons and markers get thrown out. We will provide containers for you to put them in; the plastic containers will be recycled and the crayons melted into new ones!
    JULY – after the Fourth, bring your worn or faded flags; we will deliver them to an American Legion post for respectful disposal.
    SEPTEMBER – used hearing aids. If you have hearing aids, you know how expensive they are! But now and then, you have to get new ones. Bring the old ones and they will be provided to people who could not otherwise afford them.
    OCTOBER – Almost all of us use a lot of batteries. Many have chemicals in them that are harmful to the earth (especially the groundwater supply) if they are put in landfills. Save up your “dead” batteries and bring them in October. Like last year, this collection will also include old cell phones and other small electronics.
    Let’s be good stewards of this beautiful earth our God created!

    Rev. Mark Bussert