• Poland

    August 2018 trip to Poland was a success. 14 team members (including 2 kids) spent 10 days in Tychy, Poland, leading Vacation Bible School and teaching English to a group of 50 kids age 3-17. We have also led an Adult Bible Study. This year was a bit different from our 2017 trip because there was a lot more involvement from local congregation members. Some of last year’s teen participants came back as interpreters and assistants!

    Our intention is to return to Poland in 2019. We are slowly building next year’s team, so anybody interested should contact the church office or Maciek Kielbasinski (via phone: 224-388-0610 or email: maciej@kielbasinski.net). We are looking to send 10 people. The trip will happen in August, before new school year commences. However, we want to have the plane tickets purchased by mid to late March. Also, we are planning our fundraiser events so please be on a lookout for announcements in early 2019.