• Greetings from the Finance Office!


    As I write this update on the happenings here in the Finance Office……I do believe that SPRING is in the air!!  Don’t say that too loud as we don’t need another quick blast of winter!
    As we have now finished up with all of the year-end procedures, we look ahead to the new fiscal year of 19-20 that will begin on July 1st.

    Seems like that date is far away but there is much to do here prior to then.
    During the months of March and April we will once again begin the budget process for the new fiscal year. Please keep all of the ministries in your prayers as they begin their projections and hopes for the direction of each ministry.
    Currently, we are slightly under our projections in both tithes/offerings and debt reduction.
    We continue to be blessed here at St Peter by the joyful gifts we continue to receive that support all of the ministries here!
    In our next issue we hopefully will be able to give an update on the budget process.
    In closing, I will again continue to give prayers of thanks for all that I witness here at St Peter…each and every day!!

    JoAnn Lakoma

    Finance / Human Resource