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    Have you been to the doctor lately? Was it for your yearly check-up? Or maybe you just haven’t felt yourself or your child needed stitches.  This is a luxury that we take for granted. Being actively involved in Haiti, the stories can be heart wrenching.  There was the boy who broke his leg and it was never set and he limped with severe pain. Or the woman who never had a regular physical exam so that a treatable form of cervical cancer was missed but now it was too late. There was the 7 yr. old boy running a high fever due to an infection from a cut on his hand which was packed with grass and leaves then wrapped with a banana leaf found lying nearly unresponsive in the dirt floor of his home. The stories go on and on….  Medical treatment is very difficult to come by or afford for most in Haiti.  We have plan, vision, or dream to make a very small but impactful step in a rural area of Haiti where the access to medical resources is even more unrealistic. Many of you have heard of the well drilling organization we have worked with called Water For Life.  This group offers mobile medical clinics. They have the equipment and personnel to help lead a mobile clinic. On average their clinics treat approximate 800 people. These clinics are well defined.  If you want to be seen at the clinic, you must participate in the education session offered the first day. This education session is followed by sharing the gospel in a church service which would be led by our dear friend, Pastor Paul Touloute. Then there would be 2 days of clinics where people are seen for preventative as well as diagnostic needs. They offer dental as well as eye care also. If a person requires medication, this medication is dispensed at that time. If the person requires additional treatment, Water For Life coordinates this.  Our goal is to be able to partner with Water for Life and sponsor a medical clinic. The cost is approximately $7,000 for a sponsoring organization. That is $8.75 per person! We can simply give the money, or we can augment their staff with a medical team. We don’t have a date for the clinic yet as we need to have a portion of this fee. We are looking for donations to assist with this effort. What a great opportunity to both minister to a person’s physical as well as spiritual needs!  Do you know a group, medical supplier or doctor’s office that might be willing to make a donation towards this goal? Interested in helping or going? We will add your name to the list as we begin selecting the date for this event.  

    Haiti is still experiencing civil unrest.  As a result our travel to Haiti has been put on hold.  We pray for Haiti during this time and look forward to getting the green light to travel again! We would love to have you join us to assist with any of the efforts. Let us know if you are interested.

    How can you help? For our furture trip, cash donations would be most helpful. Purchasing a "Team Haiti" t-shirt for $20 - proceeds from one shirt supports 3 families for 3 weeks for rice, buy a goat for $60  or 2 chickens for $35 to be presented to farmers (Click here to donate now). Know someone who may be interested in helping sponsor the medical clinic?  Do you have a suggestion for a fundraising activity? We would love to hear it! Most importantly, PRAY. Pray for the pastors and Lutheran congregations that we support.

    Questions? Contact Jeff Nyquist (jeff.nyquist@stpeterlcms.org) or Kim Nyquist(kim.nyquist@stpeterlcms.org).