• Student Ministry Recap


    The Lenten season is an exciting time for youth ministry at St. Peter. For Sunday morning bible studies, youth just finished the Explore God series. Our current morning study is based on the movie: The Dark Knight. We will look at ways that Christ overcomes darkness in the world
    In other news 20 Junior high youth just participated in the Windy City Bulls “Faith and Family Night.” High school youth went to Main Event for a day during spring break to play some arcade games and have some fellowship. Both Jr. and Sr. high will be attending Trinity Roselle’s area youth gathering at the beginning of April and the youth are very excited about that opportunity.
    Looking forward, we are continuing to prepare for the National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis in July 2019. Every three years, close to 30,000 young Lutherans gather together in one city to praise God, serve the community, and strengthen their faith at National Youth Gathering. We are excited to be a part of that! The youth have been hosting fundraisers and will continue to do so in the coming months to raise support for their trip, so stay tuned to see how you can help!
    One challenge for our youth program is finding more committed volunteers to help consistently with Sunday nights & special events. We are blessed with very committed Confirmation mentors: Teresa Buse, Joanne Unrath, Bob Schmidt, Marilyn Lemke, Marsha Edeus, and Jayne Sanne. Also Shilpa Hull, Greg Frey, and Cassandra Fischer have been a blessing with their help on Sunday nights. However, due to the growing size of the youth group, we desperately need more hands on deck to ensure the safety and effectiveness our ministry provides to the youth. Please encourage people to help out with our youth program and pray that God would send the right people to aid in His ministry.


    Ted Fischer