• Hintz


    A small group of LERT volunteers led by Ken Kiviranta headed down to the Panama City, Florida area for hurricane relief.  One of the common phrases used upon arrival is… “Where do you begin?”  The answer is always the same to, “… just begin where you can!” Many great stories can be heard from their service, including one from Tom Amundson concerning showing the Love of Jesus and Serving the World because it’s just the right thing to do!

    LERT continues to look forward to the future for serving people in time of need both near and far.  As of this writing, the big snowstorm that followed Thanksgiving produced many opportunities to remove trees and limbs that were heavy laden with snow and had been damaged or knocked down.  Assessment and deployment continue to respond to those needs that we are able to handle.  This ministry is a great physical way to bring the love of Jesus to those in need.

    MEND (Mothers Enduring Neonatal Death)

    I am continually amazed at the necessity of this ministry and how it reaches to those in great need.  Just this last month, a mother came in who lost all of her triplets… 4 years ago… and has found MEND… a place to find help/support/love during a time of ongoing crisis.  This support group continues to walk alongside the ones hidden, whose hope has been shattered and is an encouragement to place trust in the ONE Who may restore all things and make them new… Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Savior. 

    Families and friends joined in with the annual Christmas tree decorating at the Brookfield Zoo for the Community Tree Trim program.  As part of the witness of hope, ornaments are hung as reminders of those loved ones that are so cherished and precious, and have departed this life through miscarriage, stillbirth, or even just after birth.

    Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month, 7pm, at St. Peter Lutheran Church and is led by Sara Hintz.  Anyone is welcome.  Loving People isn’t a job, but a joy to share the love Christ has for each of us… no matter how little… or how much we’ve been through!

    Feed My Starving Children

    The FMSC Hope for the Holidays Mobile Pack at the Schaumburg Renaissance Center is taking place December 9th from 3-5pm.  200 representatives from St. Peter will join in with thousands of other people over the weekend to volunteer, pack food and fundraise so that children and adults do not have to be hungry.

    Volunteering is an ongoing opportunity to pack food and pray that all of God’s children are taken care of in a most tangible way.  Schaumburg is getting a new facility to also help expedite more food to those who are in need.  Looking forward to hearing more as it develops.

    Operation Christmas Child

    Thank you to all who participated in OCC. This year over 300 boxes were donated from St. Peter and a total of 135 cartons from our local collection were delivered to the next drop off location in Grayslake. Boys and girls all over the world received a Christmas present… continuing the tradition of moving from the box to the Bible.  We are so excited to be part of something so simple that can have such an impact by just taking time and putting forth our resources and faith that God will work in His way and time.

    We are so grateful for the leadership of Linda Scheurman as she headed up this year’s efforts to organize, collect and then send the boxes to the children. It is no small task and we are very grateful for the time and organization she brought.  We are also very grateful for the 20 volunteers that gave over 100 hours of time to help count and box the gifts for shipping… it truly was a team effort.

    Finally, please continue to keep OCC in your prayers as we, at St. Peter, look for another leader to take on this volunteer position.  Linda will be pursing some other family pursuits and won’t be able to head up OCC next year.  We know God continues to move His people to serve and will at the right time provide Whom He desires.