• Ministry Matters Newsletter

    Welcome to the Ministry Matters! This publication will give you a regular look into St. Peter’s movements in ministry and offer you opportunities to personally engage as a participant or volunteer in the detailed work in our church and community.


    I pray that your Advent season was blessed and that you share with me in the hope of the birth of Jesus the Christ. In the articles to follow our ministry team has much to share with you concerning past ministries and things to come.
    As the New Year begins, I want to also help you set your sights on our plans for early 2019. Beginning the weekend of January 12-13 we will begin a 7 week series named Explore God. We are joining with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 churches in the greater Chicago area in this initiative. Our goal for this effort is to help Christians learn to better answer questions about their faith and also to invite others in who might have questions that they are seeking answers for. This is a perfect opportunity to invite a friend or neighbor who is curious or even in doubt to be a part of. In worship, bible study, and small groups we will tackle these seven questions:
    1) Does life have a purpose?
    2) Is there a God?
    3) Why does God allow pain and suffering?
    4) Is Christianity too narrow?
    5) Is Jesus really God?
    6) Is the bible reliable?
    7) Can I know God personally?
    As you can see, these are questions that many who have been Christians their whole lives ask about as well. I am looking forward to the challenges and growth that will most certainly happen as we step out of our comfort zones and Experience God at work in our lives and the lives of others. What a joy it is to be a part of Spirit led growth. Lets grow together!
    Peace in Christ,
    Pastor Jerry Hays
    Sr Pastor