• Ministry Matters Newsletter

    Welcome to the Ministry Matters! This publication will give you a regular look into St. Peter’s movements in ministry and offer you opportunities to personally engage as a participant or volunteer in the detailed work in our church and community.


    Dear St. Peter Family,

    Spring is in the air! While we are looking for plants to bloom we wait in great anticipation of the beauty that awaits us. We are just now getting a sneak peek at what is to come with a few of the perennials sprouting flowers and trees budding. As we approach Holy Week a similar theme presents itself. While we are looking for the day of the coming of Jesus Christ we wait in great anticipation of the beauty that awaits us. And we get a sneak peek at what is to come in the season of Holy Week and Easter! We enter into the week celebrating the coming of our King Jesus as the Savior we have waited for. As the week progresses it leads us to the cross and we see the harsh reality of sin and darkness that resides in the world . . . in us. Yet just three days later we are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. He came back and has promised to come again! I certainly love springtime because God points us to life in so many ways!
    Part of life in the St. Peter Family is celebrating life together. There are so many opportunities to engage in the mission of Loving People, Serving the World. Enjoy the content to follow as we live life together reaching UP through WORSHIP, reaching IN through GROWING, and reaching OUT in SERVICE.
    I look forward to worshiping with you in Holy Week and beyond!