• Grade One Curriculum


    The One in Christ curriculum by Concordia Publishing House emphasizes our relationship with God and others. Students are given a survey of the Old and New Testaments as they are presented in a chronological fashion. God's love for all people and His free gift of Salvation is taught consistently. Students have prayer and devotion time with their classmates as well as Chapel time. Parents are strongly encouraged to set the example of worship at home.

    Memory work consists of weekly verses, the Lord's Prayer and the Apostle's Creed. Music, role-play and art activities support and supplement the lessons and worship. Various church workers, including Pastors, visit the students to discuss their calls and roles in the church. Students are encouraged to join in outreach activities to celebrate and share their faith with others.


    The Common Core Math Curriculum is taught with the support of the Houghton Mifflin Go Math series.  The series emphasizes essential questions and big ideas with depth of understanding and strategies as the goal.  Students are given a variety of experiences to help them gain understanding by moving from the concrete to the abstract. They learn different strategies for problem solving and computation to increase their understanding. By the end of the year, they learn to add and subtract 2-digit numbers; recognize and extend patterns; explain place value to the hundredth place; identify, compare and describe plane and solid geometric shapes; interpret and use graphs and tables; and use measurement to compare objects.


    The Houghton Mifflin Journeys Reading series is used to support our Common Core Curriculum in first grade.  The series builds a deep understanding of key domains and topics within a single lesson, across a grade, and across the program.  Students read complex informational texts and build domain specific vocabulary for college and career readiness.


    The Common Core Standards are taught through the support of the Houghton Mifflin Language series.  Oral and written language are incorporated into the Common Core Curriculum. Emphasis is placed on writing in a legible, coherent and grammatically correct fashion. Students learn to work through the writing process.

    Students are given daily journal writing practice as well as contributing to class books. They are also given the opportunity to make oral presentations to their peers, thus enabling the rest of the class to practice good listening and questioning skills.


    Spelling lists are generated from the word families that are taught in the Reading lessons and reinforced in the Phonics lessons. The words progress from short vowels through long vowel spelling patterns. They also include consonant blends and digraphs. Students are expected to use the words correctly in their writing


    The D'Nealian handwriting program is used. It is designed with a continuous stroke to allow an easy transition from manuscript to cursive handwriting. Students are encouraged to self-evaluate as they learn to write legibly and consistently.


    The Houghton Mifflin Series entitled "Discovery Works" is the text for first grade Science lesson. The topics include Kinds of Living Things, Weather and Seasons, Magnets, and Earth's Land and Water. Lessons incorporate a combination of hands-on activities with the use of textbooks and written responses. Health is also taught.

    Social Studies

    The program is based on the Mac-Millan/McGraw Hill series, "People and Places." Students learn about themselves and their world beginning with families and moving to our state and nation. They learn about similarities and differences in homes and communities. They learn early American history and state and national leaders.

    Physical Education

    Students will understand that their body is a gift from God.  They will demonstrate control when performing locomotor and manipulative skills.  Students will perform combinations and sequences in locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative motor patterns.  The child will understand the concepts of space, time, and force related to movement.  They will demonstrate knowledge of rules, safety and strategies during physical activity. The students will demonstrate competency in fundamental ball skills.  The students will participate in individual and team sports.  The students will acquire socially desirable traits and cooperate successfully with others.  The child will develop an interest and desire to participate in lifelong fitness.


    Students are exposed to various educational games in order to build basic technology skills as well as providing support for classroom instruction. Students are introduced to the Microsoft Office Suite and typing skills are introduced.  Additionally, students are taught about cyber safety as they begin to explore the internet. Students also use technology to help them research.


    The Music Curriculum is supported through a series entitled "God Made Music" published by Praise Hymn. Students explore various musical elements as they strengthen their knowledge of our loving God and Savior. Additionally,  students learn to appreciate music and its role in their lives.


    The elementary Spanish program focus is on oral communication. Students repeat words, follow simple commands, ask and answer questions, and write in the target language. Students also sing songs and play review games to reinforce vocabulary. In the lower grades students practice their numbers, colors, greetings, and actions.


    Children are encouraged to respond to literature by discovering and implementing different techniques and materials used by the different illustrators. The focus is the process rather than a perfectly finished product. Students are also introduced to some of the great artists and their art.