• Grade Three Curriculum


    The Concordia Publishing One in Christ” series is followed.   Students will learn how to use God’s word to answer many of life’s questions.  Memory is done on Tuesdays and Fridays and students should be able to recite their memory out loud (including the Bible reference).  The books of the Bible will also be memorized.


    The Common Core Math Curriculum is taught with the support of the Houghton Mifflin Go Math series.  Students will be learning more difficult addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as time, interpreting data, measurement, fractions, geometry, and more.  Math fact mastery is very important with facts being practiced daily.


    The Houghton Mifflin Journeys Reading series is used to support our Common Core Reading Curriculum in third grade.  Phonics, vocabulary, reading skills, writing and grammar correlate with the stories read each week.  Other supplemental activities are also done throughout the year to practice skills and comprehension.


    The Common Core Standards are taught through the support of the Houghton Mifflin Language series.  Writing (composition) is a major emphasis.  The parts of speech and grammar rules are often highlighted.  Grammar practice is done daily correcting sentences as a whole class.


    The Common Core Standards Spelling lessons follow the reading stories each week.  Students are given a pretest on Mondays.  Workbook pages are assigned and students may have an extra assignment to complete using the same words.  Tests are usually on Fridays.


    Basic manuscript is reviewed and practiced prior to reviewing cursive handwriting. Once these reviews are complete most third grade work is done in cursive.


    The Science curriculum includes major units on the systems of the body, energy, our solar system, and water. We also have a separate Health text which enhances our Science curriculum and encourages the students to make wise choices for living a healthy lifestyle

    Social Studies

    We will be learning about communities. Study guides will be provided for each chapter for students to begin note taking skills.

    Physical Education

    Students will understand that their body is a gift from God.  They will demonstrate control when performing locomotor and manipulative skills.  Students will perform combinations and sequences in locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative motor patterns in selected activities, games, and sports. They will demonstrate knowledge of rules, safety and strategies during physical activity. The students will demonstrate competency in fundamental ball skills.   They will participate in individual and team sports and group exercise that will require them to move skillfully and effectively.    The students will acquire socially desirable traits and cooperate successfully with others.  They will develop an interest and desire to participate in lifelong fitness.


    The primary focus of technology classes at St. Peter is to equip the student with the necessary skills to succeed in an increasingly complex technological society. Students continue to learn about the Microsoft Office Suite.  Students also begin to develop touch typing skills.  Additionally, students are taught about cyber safety as they explore the internet.


    The Music curriculum is supported through a series entitled "God Made Music.," which is published by Praise Hymn Inc. In this series students will explore various musical elements as they strengthen their knowledge of our loving God and Savior. Students learn to read, write and perform music while at the same time deepening their understanding of the role music plays in their lives.


    The focus of the elementary Spanish program is on oral communication. Students repeat words after the teacher, follow simple commands, ask and answer questions, and write in the target language. Students also sing songs and play review games to reinforce vocabulary. Throughout the lower grades students practice their numbers, colors, greetings, and actions. As much as is possible the Spanish lessons incorporate content knowledge and vocabulary from what is currently being studied in the core curriculum classes.


    A variety of projects and materials will be completed throughout the year. Art projects often correspond to themes or lessons we are doing in other subject areas.

    Theme Units

    There are a few involved theme units that your child will experience through the year. This is when all the areas of the curriculum are tied into one theme. The major theme units this year are on the rain forest, space, chocolate, and oceans. A "mini" theme unit is where I sprinkle activities related to a certain theme throughout a week or a few days. Students may have the opportunity to vote on these topics.