Hurricane Matthew Relief Plan

  • St. Peter is working with local missionary groups to support the people of Haiti.  Hurricane Matthew has moved on from Haiti but the clean up has just begun.  If you are interested in donating to this cause, St. Peter is collecting funds to put towards a Hurricane Action Plan.  Every dollar donated will go directly to assist the immediate needs of Haiti.  To donate, follow this link, find the Haiti Relief line and complete the information needed.  Stay tuned here for more information how the funds are reaching Haiti directly!

    The entire western half of Haiti has been devastated. This includes the city of Les Cayes and rural villages where our teams have been working the last few years. Our friends are safe but many have lost their homes or roofs.  The current concern is their source of food and water.  Wells are contaminated, farms and live stock are all destroyed.  Haiti needs our support more than ever.

Images of devastation