CENTRE LUMIERE - Haitian Sewing School for Women


    Centre Lumiere is a sewing school established in 1977 in Les Cayes, Haiti. Centre Lumière is a holistic ministry where the gospel is taught, training in vocational skills is facilitated, people are employed, and Haitian women are equipped to care for their families.  Centre Lumière is a non-profit with a vocational school and business. 
    The school offers a three-year program with classes in domestic economics, cooking, baking, crochet, embroidery, sewing, hospitality, bookkeeping, health, English, and Bible.  Graduates are prepared to participate in our Needlework Artisan Program, teach home economics, or work at local hotels, restaurants, or other businesses.    
    The business side of Centre Lumière offers employment for graduates of the school.  We have both an on-site sewing room and a work-fro
    Ladies Sewing School
    m-home Needlework Artisan Program.  Their  line of products includes many useful items for the home and kitchen, ladies’ accessories, and doll clothes.
    Centre Lumière exists to educate, equip, disciple, and inspire young Haitian women toward personal development, economic independence, and the ability to lead a new generation of Haitian women.
    Centre Lumiere products are sold at sales hosted around the country at churches and some craft fairs. St. Peter has hosted sales for Olga and the ladies of Centre Lumiere the past 2 years. This year we will host a booth at Septemberfest! Plan to visit and start your Christmas shopping early.