• Gift Types

    There are a number of options for how you structure your gift plan. Our gift planning counselors will help you find gift types that are just right for your situation and wishes. These include:


    A future gift to help your favorite LCMS ministry. A bequest is one of the easiest planned gifts and is usually a component of your will.

    Gift Annuities

    You make a gift and receive fixed, lifetime payments for one or two individuals.

    Charitable Remainder Trusts

    You transfer cash or property to a trust that pays income for your life or a term of years.
    The remainder goes to ministry (click here to make an addition to your charitable remainder trust).

    Family Gift Fund (Donor Advised Fund)

    A smart alternative to a family foundation (click here to make an addition to your current donor-advised fund).


    Establish a legacy that supports the ministries you care about (click here to make an addition to your current endowment fund).

    What types of assets will the Foundation accept as gifts?

    The LCMS Foundation accepts many types of assets for any of gift types listed here. Cash is always an acceptable asset for giving, along with securities, real estate, retirement assets and personal property that the Foundation liquidates for the LCMS. Please contact the Foundation about gifting non-cash assets at 800-325-7912.

    The best assets to use for a gift during life are highly appreciated assets, such as publicly traded securities, and real property. The more the property has appreciated, the better the asset for a gift. If you sell an appreciated asset yourself, or give it to your family, you or your family will have a tax liability.  If the appreciated asset is given to ministry the ministry is liable for the tax. Since the ministry is exempt from tax, the tax is avoided.

    The LCMS Foundation Federal Tax ID: 43-6034481

    The LCMS Foundation
    1333 S. Kirkwood Road
    St. Louis, MO 63122

    Gifting Securities

    The Foundation assists donors with making gifts of appreciated marketable securities to an LCMS entity of their choice. Be advised that not all securities may be transferred via DTC so if you are not 100% sure please contact us via one of the methods listed below and we will be more than happy to provide you with the appropriate instructions.