• Sunday Adult Bible Study – Led by Pastor Hays & Pastor Hintz

    James,  How Faith Works 9/1-10/6  and  11/3-11/17

    Just like any partnership on the dance floor, one has to lead and one has to follow, otherwise they will trip and fall.  Often people are tempted to think it is more important to do good for others than be concerned about what we believe.  However, it all works together as God leads us so that we don’t fall. Come study His word and trust in Him to lead you with the right steps!   God continues to speak to us through the book of James concerning:

    • The proper relationship between faith and works;
    • What it means to be free to serve God with fruits of faith
    • Practical ways of putting your faith into action through Christ-like loving and living

    Class meets in the Fellowship Hall, 10:10-10:55 AM.

    Sunday, Women of the Bible – Led by Therese Fuglaar

    Ladies:  Are you aware that there is a Sunday morning Bible class just for you?  It meets at 10 am in Room #204. We would love to have you join us. We are currently studying Genesis. Class starts Sept. 15. Join us Sunday at 10:10 a.m. in room #204. *Class will not meet November 24 due to Voter’s Meeting, class will continue the following week.

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