• St. Peter congregation called the Reverend John R. Stern­berg from Memorial, Vancouver, Washington and installed him on March 6, 1960. To more adequately provide for the spiritual feeding of the congregation, Holy Communion was served on the second and fourth Sundays of the month and monthly Sunday evening services with Holy Communion were conducted. German communion services were held sepa­rately each month. Later they were reduced to six a year and finally discontinued in 1970.

    School The Sunday morning "Coffee Hour" of Bible study was instituted in 1960. To meet the expanding school enroll­ment, a cornerstone was laid for a new building in September and dedi­cated in November of 1960 with four classrooms, library, office and gymnasium. Two services were held each Sunday with Sunday School and Bible classes in between the services. Mid‑week summer services and Advent services were also added. The consti­tution and By‑Laws were revised to more adequately provide for the expanding church program and the greater involvement of the lay people.

    In 1963 the congregation celebrated throughout the year the one‑hundredth anni­versary of its church building in various services and programs. Since the original corner­stone could not be found, a second cornerstone was placed. A museum was organized in the original chapel school building in 1963 and later relocated and renovated in 1970 at is present site. This building is the oldest building built by Lutherans in all of Chicagoland.

    A vicarage program was begun in 1965. Pastor Sternberg was elected to the District Board of Christian Education in Northern Illinois in 1963 and served in this capacity as chairman until his retirement in 1990. As a member of the Schaumburg Rotary Club, he served as its president in 1974‑75. He also served the commu­nity as Commis­sioner on the Olde Schaumburg Centre Commission.

    With the continued growth of the area, the school enroll­ment also increased. It now became necessary to enlarge the school with six more classrooms, kitchen, cafe­teria and offices in 1963. Even this was not enough and two relocatables were added for two more classrooms and the "old school" building was used for kindergarten classes and later for the pre‑school nursery begun in 1971. The old school building is also used for scout and youth activities.

    Building continued at St. Peter with an additional teacher­age in 1962 for $11,000 built entirely with volunteer labor. In 1970 a new parsonage was built for $22,000 and the old parsonage was removed.

    In 1972 the congregation celebrated its 125th Anniver­sary in services, programs and a pageant for the community. At this time they also undertook the large task of re‑shingling the church roof and steeple at a cost of $12,294 and the complete redeco­ration of the interior for $23,000.

    The vicarage program, begun in 1965, was discontinued in 1974. To better provide more pastoral care for the congregation and particularly its youth, the congregation, now numbering over 1,000 communicants and over 2,200 souls, decided to call a second pastor. The Reverend George K. Krestik of Herrington, Kansas, was called and instal­led on July 14, 1974. This necessitat­ed a second parsonage, which was built in 1975 for a cost of $37,000. He served here until 1978 when he accepted a call to Greensboro, North Carolina.

    The congregation then called the Reverend Fred C. Ade from Good Shepherd, Frankfort, Illinois, to become Associate Pastor. He was installed on December 10, 1978, to serve particularly in the area of stewardship.

    For the next two years Pastors Sternberg and Ade were instrumental in starting a new mission. They began Ascen­sion Lutheran Mission in Elk Grove Village on September 16, 1979. After conducting services in Link School the first year and a half, ground was broken and two mobile class­rooms were brought in and remodeled into a chapel and fellowship hall. A pastor was called and installed on July 19, 1981.

    When Schaumburg Road was widened, the congregation took on the huge task of property improvement in landscaping, entrance, sewer and water project, and the black topping of its parking lot. A home was moved to the property through the generosity of William Lambert and became the home of the principal.

    After evaluating its ministry and potential for greater service to the Kingdom, St. Peter congregation decided to engage the ministry of an evangelist in the person of Lee Beer. He was installed on June 24, 1984. In 1986 he was given a call with tenure as Evangelist‑Assimilator for the congregation.

    The Youth Ministry was now placed in the hands of Douglas Flett who also served as teacher in the school. He was succeeded by Cheryl Koester and many others since. A Family Life ministry was also begun by dividing the time of Principal Karl Schmidt with his school responsibilities, and then, upon his retirement in July, 1987, this became his part time ministry.

    Roger Kirsch was called to be principal of the school beginning July 1, 1987. Dale Woock was appointed as Minister of Music, and Deborah Minnick as Parish Education Consultant. Dale Woock accepted a call to St. John, Elgin, in 1990. In October 1992, Linda Scheurman accepted the call to be Minister of Music.

    To better meet the spiritual worship needs of people, the congregation inaugurated a contemporary "Service of Praise" in the Fall of 1986 that is held each Sunday int he school gymnasium.

    In June of 1990, after 30 years of service to the Lord and His church, the Reverend John R. Sternberg retired from full time service at St. Peter Lutheran Church. A special retire­ment celebra­tion was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Schaumburg where the congregation presented Pastor and Mrs. Sternberg with a new van.