1862- 1900

  • Historic Chapel Now that the congregation had outgrown its first house of worship, it was decided in 1862, while the Civil War was still raging, to build a new church. The cornerstone was laid on May 12, 1863. Members hauled brick from Dundee and other materials from the surrounding community and fur­nished the labor for the building. When completed, they looked upon a beautiful edifice 85 feet long, 40 feet wide, and 22 feet high at the eaves with a 127 foot steeple. Not counting the cost of labor donated by the members, their gothic structure cost $10,000 and was almost all paid for at the time of comple­tion. Dedication took place on November 4, 1863. Later a 1,600 pound bell was added to call the worshipers to services. Pastor Richmann resigned in 1869 to accept the call to St. John in Elgin, Illinois.

    His successor was the Reverend Henry Schmidt of Dundee, Illinois, who was in­stalled on October 17, 1869. During his pastorate the congregation was instrumental in beginning new missions in the area. In 1873 the congrega­tion hosted the Western District of the Synod and was honored by the presence of the president, Dr. C. F. W. Walther. The old organ purchased in 1855 for $500 was replaced with a new organ in 1880 for $1,224.00. After a faithful ministry of fourteen years, Pastor Schmidt asked for his release to accept the call extended to him by the congre­gation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    The congregation then called the Reverend Gustaf Mueller of Kankakee, Illinois, who was installed on November 25, 1883. He introduced the "Christenlehre" during the services on November 25, 1884. An amendment was made to the constitution denying membership to lodge members. The East District School was organized and started in September of 1886 with school and teacherage on the corner of Schaumburg and Rohlwing Roads (I‑90). The West District School on the church property in 1888 built a new building to replace the original chapel‑school of the congre­gation. This building was moved to be near the church and parson­age and served as a meeting room and confirma­tion room. An addition was built on the parsonage. In 1888 the Illinois District of the Synod met at St. Peter. A new school district was formed in 1899 with St. John of Rodenburg in Roselle. This group later became an independent congrega­tion, Trinity, in 1910.